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I cut secret holes that are level in each tier for the top tier to sit in. I make the holes exactly the same size as the cake going in it. And I make each tier just a little bit higher to account for the lost height. It gives the illusion of a crooked cake, but in reality each tier is sitting perfectly level.
I've used straws, popsicle sticks, dowels, just about anything depending on the size, height, etc. I've either stuck them in while making them, or attached them to the back of my figure with royal.
I use Americolor Super Red and Super Black to make my red and black fondant. Wonderful color, no taste.
I don't look anymore. I get too depressed. LOL.
I know this sounds dumb, but I can't make roses with a 104 tip, I can only make them with a 97. Maybe you can try that?
I'm so glad and relieved for you. What a terrible hag she was!
I'm doing a Winnie the Pooh cake for my nephew's first birthday. But the Wilton Disney-licensed 3D Winnie the Pooh pan has been discontinued!! How will it look if I use the 3D Stand Up Bear pan instead?
I always thought icing was a broader term than frosting. Icing can include fondant, marzipan, chocolate, etc.Frosting refers just to icing that you spread, as in Buttercream, whipped cream, etc. At least, that's what I heard.
I am aMother of 2 (ages 8 and 9)Wife of a loving husbandMedical Biller 40+ hours a weekMatron of Honor in my BF's weddingSocial events coordinator for my group of friendsSupport person for several relatives/friends going through hard timesSoon-To-Be surgery patient (I'm scared to death)PCOS Support Group LeaderVolunteer at the kids' schoolVery patient Ex-WifeHousekeeperPersonal Assistant to Hubby and kidsFamily CheerleaderHubby's photography assistantCake DecoratorWhew! I...
Count me in on the "don't chill mine either" crowd. Never have, don't see the advantage in it. Craptastic is my new favorite word!
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