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I chose the "slow" shipping and my cards arrived within a week and I was very happy with them.
Ganache is basically just chocolate melted with cream. I love covering cakes with it because it's quick and simple and people love the taste of it. The recipe I use is just 14 ounces of chocolate melted with 1/2 cup whipping cream (35%). I elevate the cake and pour the ganache over it so it coats the cake. You can look in my pictures to see how it looks. It's what I use when I don't have a lot of time to get a cake done or for those people who don't really like...
I mostly use the paddle attachment. I remember my cake instructor saying it puts less air in the icing which makes it smoother, which in my experience is the case. If I need to whip egg whites for a particular frosting then I'll use the whip attachment.
Great Job! Your roses look fantastic
What sorts of things have you been learning in this class? I'd love to take it sometime if the timing works out and am curious as to what's covered.
Amazing cakes! Thanks for finding that. I love the Reese peanut butter cup cake in the Groom's cake section!
There's a great one on this site
I've had the exact same problem but I thought it was something I was doing wrong. If I keep the cake in the pan and use the pan's edge as a guide it's fine but if I have a cake on a board that I want to torte or level, I find I have the same issue that you have described.
Do you have color flow mix? It can be substituted for meringue powder.
I had the same problem when it was my son's birthday but it was because the cars pan was sold out everywhere. I used the race car pan and I think I like the look of it better anyway. There is a picture of it in my photos. You can PM me if you need more instructions.
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