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Hi all,I have a client who wants a muscle man on a cake. I've searched the galleries and looked for coloring pages and can't find what I need. I was thinking of doing a FBCT or chocolate transfer. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. TIA!PinkPanther
Some things that come to mind are: mountains in the backgroundmusic notesdo re miitems from the song "my favorite things" Great, now I'm singing it! Good luck and post a pic! I'd love to see what you come up with!
Or anything lemon...
What about making Charlie Brown and his friends using candy melts and putting them around the sides of the cake like the Whimsical Bakehouse does?
Use the chocolate buttercream dream recipe from this site. It uses candy melts, has an excellent taste and is light brown! HTH!
Here is another caramel buttercream if you already have a standard buttercream you like to use. It was originally posted by Cali4dawn for Albertson's Snickers cake:The icing is 2 parts buttercream to 1 part caramel. Amount depends on size cake you are making. Caramel dip should be room temp to mix with buttercream. You can use whipped topping frosting... but it may melt under the heated caramel you will use later. NOTE: I have found the best caramel that a match closest to...
Sorry that happened to you. It looks divine and I'm sure it was delicious!
That is so cool! Congrats!
Oh my gosh, how truly awful! My heart breaks for her.
Well, my first thought with fairies and pixie dust is Tinkerbell, but if that is too young for her, what about a "slipper" on a pillow-shaped cake? There are some excellent ones in the galleries, and an article on how to do a gumpaste shoe on this site. HTH!
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