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redvelvet4u, The way I am understanding the bill is that you would be required to sell directly to the consumer, not through a retail establishment. I think you still have to bake in a licensed facility if you want to sell through retail store...correct me if I am wrong.I was just checking out the bill online and I see there was some action on it yesterday but don't fully understand the process of when a bill gets passed. It says something about an effective date of July...
I was suprised that there was new action on this topic! modthyrth, did you find that the cookies tasted to floury? That's the issue I was having with these.Thanks for posting your experiment~
if you or you know someone who is handy, on she gives instructions on how to make one
Now, I KNOW you CANNOT legally bake and sell from home in FL...the FL Dept of Ag website has it on there...but it's really difficult to understand.
Maybe it would be best to send out a nice letter, stating you will follow-up with them in a weeks time, to give them time to think about it.I think if you just sent the letter, it would go ignored...sometimes persistance pays off.I need to take my own advice! I'm a chicken when it comes to the idea of approaching someone about kitchen rental. Is it kitchen rental really common amoung the business or will people think we're nuts for asking?
Was this lady in your same state, CakeDiva?I don't know if the laws are different from state to state but I know in FL, you have to have a license even to sell pre-packaged foods....Or at least that's what I gathered from trying to wade through their FL Dept of Agriculture website.
How about we ask those who own bakeries/ cafes how they would prefer being approached?There are plenty on cakecentral.I was hoping for more action on this thread.....
Hi,Those cookies are Levain cookies. I've been reading a blog called and she's been obsessed with trying to duplicate it. Here's a link to all of her posts that have to do with Levain cookies. Luck!
I posted something on Craigslist about renting commerical space and here's one of the responses I got:why would a restaurant want to take on anyones responsibility for use of the kitchen ? I have just retired from the food business in Colorado, and if you think your own "insurance" would cover the total loss of a place due to theft, fire loss, damage, food loss, it will not. You would need to carry total replacement coverage insurance in addition to food issues coverage,...
I don't have any advice, but I am in the same boat.I always feel like I'm going to sound like a raving lunatic, walking into a place talking about renting their kitchen space.I always wonder if the phone would be a better way of approaching the subject, so the owner isn't put on the spot, in a face to face conversation. I'm interested to see what others have to say about this.
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