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@ColorBoy - truly wish Americolor would market a drawer organizer for the smaller bottles. I have as many bottles as you stock.  however I do store mine in the plastic drawers from Storage Solutions.  The portable wheeled carriers make it very handy to wheel around.  My only issue is I have a hard time keeping the colors organized and am always digging thru a jumbled pile.
Will be watching this....gas....oven
This is exactly how I make my SMBC. Set the timer, just leave it be. I use cold, cubed butter pieces. Works every time.
For a cake, that would be a nice size. For a cupcake, that is way too big. A cupcake is usually just 2" tall. Think of a cupcake as a serving size, just differently proportioned.I would think 1/2" would work. But then, what is your purpose? to "top" the cupcake, overpower it, or just embelish?I would put your test monkey on a cupcake and see how you like the looks of it. HTH! Welcome to cuppie world!
Baking in 100+ degree heat in Austin,TX and then giving the cake away for of that family.Austin is not really *that* big of a town! I hope you don't run into this horrible family at HEB! LOLGlad your drama is overwith.
So very sorry to hear that. I hope your knees are better and I'm sure the recipient, that's sad!I've always found it to be really the "last step" when delivering a cake....before taking the cake out of the vehicle, walk the walk! I walk all the way into the venue. Without the cake. Remove any obstacles or whathaveyou. THEN go get the cake and bring it in Even so, STILL you may have to watch for fast-trotting servers (I almost T-boned a server...
Great! I do like that idea of the tent cards. I have seen tent cards out like that and have actually wanted to "try" a bite of the product just to "see what it was like". Most times, it was *exactly* what I thought it was!
Jason_kraft, just curious. What does YOUR company do when there is another baked item at the event that is not gluten/dairy/etc free? Do you still leave your cake there? If someone eats the other item, believing it is gluten-free, then gets sick, what happens to your reputation? Or perhaps you've never encounted that? This is not to point a finger, just wondering out loud.
A thousand-dollar cake is not worth spending tens of thousands in legal fees when someone else gets sick off another product. I stand by this very firmly. Reputation stands firm, too.
As long as your contract clearly states NO OTHER dessert--including cakes, cupcakes-- to be at the party, THEN you have EVERY RIGHT to remove your cake. The hostess may then decide to remove those cupcakes! And if not, then there is a cake going buh-bye!
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