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how did they turn out!?
do NOT use UPS...they are horrible and i have seen stories about shipping with them. just do an over night thing...even though it will be extra it will give you piece of mind. plus, fedex is very nice with their packages
well, if you look at the picture they did a nice job...but they're not even in piping. you have to think about how small those cake pops are and to try and get candy clay or anything that small of a line might be difficult...yes, a clay extruder might work. why not test it first to see what you like!?
i do believe that that looks like all chocolate and then maybe a royal icing accent. fondant accessories being refrigerated for that long can become mushy once you bring them out of the fridge.
get it signed and your money up front! that will stop her from changing her mind so many times
awesome! yes, i share it as much as possible without spamming people! lol Find me on Facebook "Stephanie's Custom Cakery" (i'm from Kenosha!)
there IS that scam that goes around where they say they want XYZ and they will give you extra money and then you pay them back the difference. i remember a couple months ago that these out of country scammers WERE getting a little more swift on how they approached the scam and how they put it out there to the bakers. I think you're best bet is to look for strange wording ("I am to be be wed on... OR writing "Happy Marriage" on the cake) and/or if you say you need cash up...
has anyone ever really had their cakes dry out in the fridge if they were wrapped? (my only thought is this would happen if they weren't wrapped properly) I have done this MANY times and my cake have still tasted and been as moist as when i first put them in the fridge...even for a day which i had to do with a most recent cake! I only ask because everyone seems so experience is opposite!
I know someone who is talking with the law makers (the person who started the petition) it IS in the works but apparently the Senate had to wait for some change over...maybe the paperwork is underway now!
now that you have probably calmed down...I would definitely contact the venue AND the bride...or anyone in the wedding party you can get a hold of! did you get this woman's name!?
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