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i know it may seem silly to say the obvious...but a lot of folks out there who have just started baking always think that doing something they "love" and then starting it as a business is still going to be something they LOVE. it doesn't quite work that way...your something you love becomes "work" and there's a lot more to it than just baking and decorating the cakes. I have seen many people on this site, including myself, who have taken this passion of decorating cakes...
americolor does not have a taste. when i tried to dye cake i actually do about 3 drops first and then see if i need more.
SUCCESS! that is awesome that you stuck your ground even while speaking with her! good for you
wow! i just wanted to say ditto to everyone else and i'm sorry this has happened to you. it does make it slightly worse that it's during your anniversary. but, PLEASE make sure to get a certified letter out that you are aware of what she's done with receipts of everything. the certified letter will be sent with a confirmation that they received it and if no response, then you do what the others have said with all of your evidence. screen shots are really easy and can...
for the first time in 6 years I am NOT taking orders yippeee! but tonight I am working on some gumpaste elements for a going away/engagement cake it's sad for me since it's my best friend and she's moving to TX with her fiancee...but i'm learning to cope.actually going to make a cupcake cake (classy of course) because we are going to a beach and i really want people to eat it and not be all freaked out about cutting up a pretty cake lol
bows, to hold up...pretty much needs almost all gumpaste to hold their shape. if you need a to add a touch of fondant for workability you can...but i would go with all gumpaste.
THANKS FOR THE REPLIES! I think I might go with the candy melts...thanks KoryAK
yea, i have heard of the bc...I was just thinking there has to be a more secure way. I will be transporting them in like 90 degree weather and BC is just not going to hold i think
I am traveling this weekend about an hr and a half away from my home for a going away/engagement party. I want to make a cupcake cake since we're gonna be outside and i think it would be easy enough for people to actually want to eat it and then don't have to cut anything.I am not finding any tips on how to SECURE the cupcake cake on the board/box. HALP?! driving that far away i know the area we are going to have to go through is slightly bumpy and i just need some ideas...
did you knead it a bunch with shortening after taking it out of the package? I know that helps, i always add about 1/4 of whatever i need of wilton fondant to make it a little more elastic instead of soft. plus, it looks as if you have rolled the fondant quite thin. fondant should be rolled about1/8 to 1/4 inch thick.
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