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1st....BREATHE! there IS an answer 2nd...yes, adding more sugar will make it stickier.use the cornstarch or even use shortening. from what i know pettinice is pretty soft/stretchy like you said. you MAY want to get some Wilton fondant and just mix some of that in to get it workable (50/50)...along with a bit more shortening. GOOD LUCK!
i didn't see anything about a center dowel in the OP post either.IF their wasn't a center dowel then a refund would be a MUST.Ask to see pictures, if not. You can tell if it was a matter of structural issues or someone slamming on the breaks with how the cake looks in the box.also, are they ASKING for a refund or just said it feel apart?
if you've never done the above before, it can be slightly risky.if you are just doing regular white/ivory fondant...I just use some buttercream for any holes or imperfections and no one can notice the difference after using a hot knife to smooth it out
also, if you are shocked at your sticker may need to change your design a little. a quote is a quote...the pricing can always go down if take some elements away, but you have to communicate your budget to the decorator.
are you a cake decorator yourself? If not, then leave it to the pros! Depending on your design the decorator may have quoted you for the time being put into a lot of elements on the cake, gumpaste accessories, fondant covered, etc. All of those things cost lots of money for decorators to make or purchase...and we are artists, not just from a grocery store bakery throwing together a frozen cake. (not trying to say you are saying that, just giving the extreme of...
ok, you come on here and give everyone all this great business advice but you don't think that giving our your full name and address isn't risky! (this is strictly rhetorical) go ahead and give that to the Nigerian Prince that just sent you an email
you are seriously going to say that for someone that has inquired from over that's pretty risky for someone that is just under cottage food law, they could loose EVERYTHING. i don't think that advice pertains here
omg! i would never have given out ANY information! when someone is making a payment everything should come to you and you should have to do NO work. Please tell me you've checked all of your accounts? I am sure that this may be a silly question...but you just never know now days.
you also need to price for your area... I think starting at $3 a serving is good for fondant covered in your area.
I <3 Nurse Practitioners my husband and I are sick today and are soo very THANKFUL that he is attending a university with a health and counseling center. The ladies that are there are wonderful and they are always telling me how much they love what they do, because they are helping students and it's not strenuous. just my lil opinion since it applied today.
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