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exactly what Rae (BlakesCakes), you don't even have to wash it after every use. if you use an old wrapping paper holder you can just put the side you use together and roll them up. I have even heard of others writing on one side so you know which is which
i can understand where you're coming from about the wedding cakes...yes, they can be stressfull.for a three tiered cake you can always make it easier on yourself by assembling the bottom two tiers and taking the top tier separate!
you may be applying too much bc under your fondant. you only need to do like a crumb coat under the fondant and it should help. but i know a lot of people say that ganache is great because then you are putting it almost directly onto the cake and get that nice edge
awww...but if you did the whole mock contract thing there shouldn't be an issue really. tell her you are going by the photos and that's what your gift is. I think your hubby should really think about it and give it a chance. if you don't do a wedding cake for a family member how are you going to get over the first hump?
good for you! I think with a little practice you can do it. make sure, if you do the 1st one, that your base bc doesn't crust over before starting to use your petal tip ...just to ensure that everything sticks yes, you could definitely do a 14" drum for the 12" cake and then that silver platter under neath.
actually, that minimum pricing is to weed out the brides that are NOT going to pay that price. I even started raising my prices when I was baking at home to cover more of my costs and time and to make it so that if I was doing cakes less I was still making a good amount of money. All the well known decorators on this sight use that business model. but...upcharging for additional flavors is a little much. Whatever flavor the cake is it doesn't matter to me...but if there...
well, the second cake is the easiest on the difficulty level...depending on that person's skill level I wouldn't say that $200 is under charging for that area. maybe they are new to the business? BUT if she isn't happy with the way the cake tastes...then i wouldn't go with that 2nd baker. taste is a BIG deal for cake for me...and for the guests at the wedding
both cakes are buttercream...unless they were charging for the flowers I can't see the cake costing more than $300.
just curious...since i know both of these techniques. What area was your SIL pricing these cakes and what were the quotes? after looking at your cakes i think you could do it...make a practice cake of each and I think you'll be surprised how easy they are
well, both of those seem pretty doable...they are BC! the first one is using the petal tip and just having the larger side against the cake and piping the line around the cake.the second one is using buttercream and then you could just take a spoon around the cake to make those indents! what makes you think you can't do them?
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