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sometimes horrible things happen to those children that are going to receive a cake :( it's so sad for us that volunteer with the organization that the worst happens when all we want is the best. You have to take the good with the bad in this world...and it's a shame that little child won't be making it through a happy and healthy life like the rest of us :( 
i do believe that fondant is gluten free...even if you made marshmallow fondant it would still be gluten free, it's just sugar, butter, powdered sugar, marshmallows and extract!
try to add some salt or flour to cut down taste...generally cream cheese is not that sweet and to just keep adding powdered sugar doesn't make it stiff enough. if you still need it thicker try adding some heavy whipping cream...always works for me
if you have what you have pictured: you have plain dowel rods this helps
which "dowels" do you have? those separator plates have specific ones that snap onto them...can't just use the plastic plain dowel rods.
as an icing smiles rep...please reach out to your rep and/or see if you can get a phone number for the parent from the rep. we have everything listed on our spreadsheets to help ourselves and the bakers out no one will be left un-helped and that's what your rep is there for! Thanks for being one of our volunteers Traci!
manddi is right...they need to be wrapped. also, are you using some gumpaste glue and letting them dry? you can just put a small amount of water in a small cup/glass and then put some gumpaste in it and let it dissolve some.
SATIN fondant out there. I mix it with a little bit of wilton to help elasticity issues and it's perfect. you could buy premade black fondant but that would cost more. Invest in some Americolor and you will never have troubles don't shop around...other places may SAY they have the best price in fondant but after extreme shipping fees it is the same as this place and they have extremely fast shipping...especially since you are in...
yes, humidity does play a part. depending on how hot you are in that area too. anytime your cakes go from cold to heat you will have condensation. the trick is to keep the cake cool but in a dry place, like with AC.
air pockets normally happen when your bc has crusted over on the cake before putting on the fondant. sometimes a light mist of water will help that. also, it can happen when cakes settle. after you fill your cakes you can let them settle for a couple hours with a plate on top of it or just let them sit in the fridge overnight. if you are applying your fondant too soon after filling and frosting then that air that's in the cake will push out because of the weight of the...
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