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YUP! that is what my step mother was implying as well. they see nothing wrong with it :( hurts my feelings 
so my other contribution led me to take some time off from caking. :(   through email someone wanted a pretty extensive cake for a baby shower, provided a expert picture and all. I quoted my price and of course she went down to simpler. After getting down to simpler I gave her my price and she replies with "Well, I would really like to stick between $80-$90". when I wrote her back I said "this pricing is based on servings no matter what the design and it will be...
  asking about taste and texture is always hilarious to me. I seriously think people don't know what good cake is and when they ask these sorts of questions they would really be saying : I don't have any faith or trust in your work because I don't know what good cake is and i'm trying to pull one over on you LOL   moist doesn't bother me 
ok...all of these the people were just NOT THINKING! i think our customers NEED a "what not to ask/say book" ;) 
what happened to people having filters for their thoughts...OR COMMON SENSE!?      I need to make a book 
omg! that one is sooo top notch! i swear sometimes people think we just pull cakes from our butts 
seriously! this reminds me of that insurance commercial where the girl comes out to talk to the guy about him mapping his accident and she is talking about everything she's heard from the "internet" including her meet up of a "french" guy that is totally disgusting! HA HA! jokes on her! 
this is so standard. the question should be: "what types of frostings do you offer?" not so rude and then you can describe them so they can decide! ugh lol 
So, i've been looking around the internet and I'm not finding any type of blog or even a website. All of the websites and advice places out there are "what to ask" your baker.    Well, I often get some rude questions from friends and family...and once in a while customers...when it should be something they SHOULD NOT ask! LOL    I'll start with the one I had from last night. Now, this comes from my step-mom whom i know HATES fondant. i'm bringing a cake to a...
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