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yea, I am SICK of it Jason! Stay out! 
oh that's hilarious!    just say..."Yes, let me just add a couple hours to each of my days and we'll be good. that will be $5,000"
THANK YOU!     LET'S GO BACK TO "things NOT to ask/say to your baker!" 
yes, i am just saying it another way
OMG YOU GUYS HAVE ME SO PROUD!    I have to give you guys some of my favorites reading through this thread. Some of them may be repeated but i don't was the way you put them that tickled me ;)    no FREE cakes for you! No, I will not bring a specialty cake to a pot luck  Chocolate cake is pretty common and should be easy enough for anyone to make You can do cakes with your eyes closed! K8Memphis "Well, have of us don't like cake anyway, it's so...
yes, you missed the part where she HATES fondant. so she is basically saying "don't make the cake with fondant" but asks about the buttercream instead 
YUCK! that's one of the reasons i don't decorate for money anymore. too depressing! 
her text more-so meant "there better not be fondant on that cake" because she complains every single time. she knew it was wrong to ask. and my response was "i'm going to make what i make". because when it's MY cake i make no one is going to tell me how to do it! and she knows all this.     the Lambeth book...oooHHH i would have been fighting someone! ;) jk 
nice synonyms! ;)    i don't get why people started with the whole "you should sell these" line. they don't have a business, they have no idea what they entail. why can't they ask "would a business work for you?" or something nicer...oh wait, people aren't nice :/ lol 
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