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tonight i figured out a new one! yaaaay! i get to come to this thread and share LOL   I had made a really cute santa face/head and didn't get to take pictures before i left the I was taking a photo when I got to my destination of a lovely family gathering with a bunch of kids. One of them was like maybe 4 and really REALLY wanted my santa cake...even after seeing it for 1 min lol. but my aunt was holding up this kid while I took a couple of photos, but my...
oh yea! that was so far back i needed a refresher... thanks. :)
ok...i totally came on here to find a recipe and you guys got me all side tracked. LOVE IT ALL! 
 MY JAW DROPPED AT THIS! I can't believe someone would be that dense! BUT i Let out a big ROAR that I have never heard before with the cake drum and "magic oven" comment hahahahaha     please tell me she was blonde 
LMAO i am reading every T and every word all emphasized and I am cracking myself up with YOUR words! because that is exactly how other people sound and they just don't get it! 
  I get so many people asking me about fondant and that "texture". well that's definitely the opposite of soggy ;) 
have you ever had someone ask you about cake, have a consultation and in that consultation they say "yea, I normally make the cakes but I don't have the time this time around".   I had this happen to me...I make a spectacular cake, and when I bring it over she is OBVIOUSLY jealous! why would someone do this to themselves 
    shouldn't WE, as bakers, stand up for ourselves and create some guidelines if someone were to say this? This is our business and we shouldn't keep allowing our customers to walk all over us just because social media allows us to communicate quicker!    also, the reason I say this is because this is exactly why I started this thread. I am really thinking about creating a blog about these types of situations because of the fact that there is so much etiquette in this...
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