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yaaaaya! wahoooa! i was wondering who it was going yo be  im so excited to have made a thread this largea!
BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i love this...I LOVE these! This one is the best ever! (already saved lol) 
wowa! well at least the bride new that wqs wrong to say that  what was he even doing there thena!k? lol    you are welcome ;b)
Just curious....are u a home bakerk? then her point is invaled and u have nothing to worry about 
at this point you need to say she has no proof she didnt eat the cake so no refund  when someine is please with the work when its dropped off then you have to stand your ground and behind your work or else youll burn out qnd nwver want to make cakes for peoplw sorry to hear that was an awful experience . that customer defintely took u forgranted and had too high of expectatiins to begin with, you would have never been able to please her.  sometimes we jusy gotta say no
i love u....
OMG! i couldnt have kept up with this thread even if i had timea! lol  i think i created a monster hahahahah
I agree with itsacake! How rude of them. I bet what happened is no one gave that woman the money to pay for them and she had to dish it out herself. No money back to them and if they can't let it go then get a new bank! U way supercharged too! was really nice cutting my cake tonight and barely anyone eating it 
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