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I have issues with the Americolor black and mmf. I almost always get a green color when I try to airbrush mmf with the americolor black. Unless I use an obsessive amount of airbrush and then it runs of course.
I am needing the serving sizes for the odd size pans (2"). Does anyone have those? I already have the pans, but I can't find how many they serve.
Actually she is stealing their identity. I am identified by the cakes that I do and known around my town and the surrounding areas by my cakes. I have a lot of people that will call and say, "You did the fish cake for so and so" or " you did the beach cake..." or "the humongous wedding cake that you did". I am sure that I am not the only one that happens to. So, in a way she really is stealing their identities. At least that's the way that I see it. (Sorry for taking...
BrandisBaked I don't think anyone is throwing her to the wolves here. I think they are very frustrated that what they spent all lot of hard work and time on is being fraudulently used for her means of support. Those people who steal as their sole means of support go to jail when they are caught. When people counterfeit money they get a lot worse punishment than being asked to remove the money from their possession. They get thrown in jail. A sin is a sin. There are...
You guys really need to check out mmstormont's recent posts and then check her website again. Here's the specific link I am talking about. looks to me that these two people are one in the same and maybe you guys should be sending your angry emails by pm's instead. Should someone contact Jackie or Heath?
I use the candy molds. If you want the shells to be two tone just mix a different colored melt in with the others. You don't have to "mix" it together they just turn out swirled.
I am a high school math teacher, so I have summers off (which by the way is the only way to go!). I don't know how all of you who stay up until the wee hours of the morning do it. I just get frustrated and my cakes turn out terrible if I stay up late working. I am one of those that require at least 8 hours of sleep though. Those of you who do that and work and take care of kids are so impressive!
I think of pearls and pretty bows and ribbons. I like the quilted pattern idea too.
Okay, I finally got it to load right! This is the cake I am most proud of. It was for a friend's sister's wedding (who was a total bridezilla). She was extremely happy with it which was a high complement in its self.
I'll try again. I can't figure out what is happening.
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