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Thanks everyone! I was pretty certain it wasn't something that would work, but it's nice to have other opinions and experiences! I also really appreciate the suggestions for alternate icings!
Just wondered if anyone's ever covered a cake with fondant that was first frosted with whipped cream frosting. I'm thinking that even a whipped cream frosting that had some kind of stabilizer would still not hold up under fondant. I have a request for this kind of frosting, but with a cake design that requires being covered with fondant. Any thoughts?
You can paint on fondant using powder or gel food coloring mixed with clear vanilla extract or vodka. The alcohol aids in the drying process and thins the food color so it's easy to paint with. I recently bought some gold and silver ready to paint colors that worked wonderfully. It was easier to use it straight from the bottle, but mixing your own is no big deal. Make sure you use high quality brushes too. The cheap ones can shed bristles and you don't want that! Give the...
jkalman made some GORGEOUS gumpaste lilacs a while back. I know she has pictures of them in her photo collection on CC. Maybe contact her. I know she made them freeform, without a cutter. Good luck!
Baker's Joy! It's easy and works great every time!
I just use flower nails instead of a core. I use 2 of them for a 12 x 18 cake and they come out great. They also don't leave giant holes in the cake. Not sure of the servings on that size cake, but there are some good serving quantity guides on here and online. I'm pretty sure a single layer 9 x 13 serves about 18 cut in party size slices 2 x 3 x 2. I' try to attach the guide I have.
This is a riot! I was just asked to do a 60s theme birthday cake too! I made a list of 60s icons and they immediately went for the VW bus (apparently they had one!). So, I'll be making a 3D 1969 VW bus in lime green with lots of flowers and smiley faces...what a funny coincidence! Good luck with yours!
Nicholas Lodge's gumpaste is wonderful to work with, but you really have to experiment when you're making it. The first time I made it I used all the sugar the recipe called for and had a similar experience to what you're describing. I actually had to add water to it to make it the right texture. No amount of Crisco was softening it up. The next few times I made it I reduced the amount of sugar when making it and it's perfect. I've made it with only 1/2 a bag of...
Hey everyone! I've seen lots of sugar bottles on CC and wondered if anyone's made anything like martini or margarita glasses with sugar. I'd love some instruction if you have. I'd like to make a clear martini glass for a cake, but not sure if it's even possible. I could fall back on making one with gumpaste, but I'd really like it to be clear. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
That's awesome! Great use of a drawer storage unit!
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