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Does anyone have or know where I can find a black and white image of the high school musical silhouette from the 1st movie with the name and the cast jumping in the air?Thanks!
Does anyone have a good gingerbread cookies recipe? I made the ones from and didn't like it at all. My husband who usually eats all of my baking even turned them down. Maybe we just don't like gingerbread cookies. They were for my son's class and he said only 3 or 4 kids liked them. Maybe I did something wrong with the recipe, who knows?
Yeah, I don't think I will ever trust that tilting turntable again. I wish I could return it, that thing cost a lot of $. Oh well, live and learn.
Here's my disaster courtesy the wilton tilting turntable . I spent three hours decorating this cake and just as I was putting the bottom border on it, it decided to tilt by itself. I guess I didn't lock it or something. I cried for at least half an hour. Thank GOD this cake was for a neighborhood pig pickin party and not a paid order. Needless to say, I haven't used that turntable since then. After I scraped it up off the floor, I just threw into the wilton carrier...
Thanks for the info!! The Sunday paper had a coupon it so I will probably get some to play around with. I worked with some fondant this week and it wouldn't dry out even after 3 days. The humidity here has been over %60 so I am sure that was part of it. Anyhow, I hear you can mix fondant and gum paste 50/50 so it dries but isn't rock hard.
Thanks! I looked on the bag and the can but couldn't find anything, maybe I overlooked it. If they have a coupon this Sunday, maybe I will go by Michael's tomorrow and just go ahead and get some. Guess I am showing my penny pincher ways too much, LOL!!
Does anyone know how long the gumpaste lasts before it needs to be thrown away after the package is opened? I want to try working with gumpaste and see if I can get more realistic flowers. Since I don't have any orders for it and just want to play around, I don't want to buy a bag of the ready made or the can mix if it won't keep for very long.Thanks!!
Are you sure you are using luster dust? I bought some wilton dust in a three pack thinking I was getting luster dust but it is actually shimmer dust. They are very DIFFERENT!! I had the same problem you are having and was about in tears over it. I just bought some silver and gold luster dust and used them on a groom's cake I just made for the buttons. I mixed it with tequila and it worked great. Would have used vodka but drank it all making the cake, LOL, just...
THANKS, Misdawn!! I charged $100 for both cakes. The pricing matrix said $90 and that was not even adding in for the fondant pearls, tuxedo parts, the filling, and putting the tulle around the boards. I only know of one bakery in town and apparently they are closed for the week. I have been calling all week hoping to get an idea of their prices on this size cake but got no answer.What would you says it serves if it were for a bridal shower? Do you use 1 x 2 x 4 sizes?...
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