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In the end I didn't have time to mess with fondant. So, I just used regular icing and added it on like ribbon. They loved it which is all the mattered.You can see it in my photos.
They'll be reading from this book, so this cover works, but I could do three characters flying off in balloons to get them all to fit.I'm not even sure they are mountains. The back/front cover all together looks more like fields and rolling hills of this weird rainbow thing. Maybe I'll do an oval, then a round and call it a day. I don't want to spend too much time on it as it's not a money maker and I need to do it all in one day.
Thanks for the link! I wish she would show a finished product so I can really se what she was talking about... seemscomplicated though!
So... this is the theme. It's for three graduates and I'll be making a two tier cake... or should I do three? (It's up to me really as 1/2 of it is gifted since I'm a mentor to one of the graduates).I plan to cover in fondant, but should I paint it? And how to do that easily? I've done minor painting on cakes before, but this a new league...Should I do a 10" and 8"? Or an 8", 6" and 4" to make it look more 'mountain-like. I think I'll use a funnel for the peak. Then......
Ah, but how much less? I still need to roll them and impress them, but not ice and decorate... If I would charge $2 for a wrapped decorated cookie of this type, what for this impression?
OK, I picked a different link! Oops! And, it wouldn't be a rubber stamp. I would have made a clay one or a wood one. No coloring or anything, just a cookie with a simple impression with this on it:
How much would you charge per cookie for an impressed/stamped cookie - something like this? 2" or 3":
The Rainbow like image is very 'blended'... what about using sanding sugar in rainbow colors kind of strategically placed on a plate and dipping it in it quickly?
I use a recipe very similar to that from my old Better Home and Garden's Cookbook. It's called "Cream Cheese Cut out Cookies"or something like that.They do tend to lose the crispness of their shape though... Do you find that with the White Velvet recipe? And is it hard or soft?
Ok, I just happened to have a bag with some icing in it yet from a cake I made yesterday and yes, I'm competent enough to pipe it directly - that saves time and expense.... How would I dust all those colors without it getting all over the place? I have VERY little experience with decorated cookies beyond the basics.And how much for these cookies? Wrapped.
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