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These clients are willing to travel for good work.... and great tasting products, and they are willing to travel 60 miles from Lakeland to Tampa area/ St Pete if need be. :0)  
Thanks so much!
Looking for a bakery/decorator in the Lakeland Florida or surrounding area, that can do 3D cakes.  I have a client who relocated to the area recently and needs a baker in that area.  Please message me as soon as possible as they are needing a cake next weekend.  Thanks so much!
I am currently in the process of using my dehydrator on some very thin painted stars...Only been in less than an hour and I can pick them up and only move slightly, almost stiff :0) Super excited!
I've always considered a yellow cake to be a white cake strictly using butter for the oil, and the whole egg, not just egg white. And if you don't want a dryer version, add a 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt to the batter. Helps with dryness!
They are all right, she's excited about it. I had a friend who was so confident about her daughter's cake she didn't even question it. The Nemo cake or anything about the design, she knew I was making it and had no clue what it was going to look like or anything. After the party she hugged me and told me it was fantastic!But be confident in yourself and your skill and no matter what, if they want to watch let them, truly people are amazed, I know my children and...
Funny story, we were at my sister's 20th bday party in January 2006 and my brother had to entertain my daughter, he had a huge bag of halloween candy and spider rings and pencils and such, so this is what she did, totally out of season, but so right for halloween!
Good job, things will be looking up. My plight....I've been in the automtive business for over 16 yrs and got laid off, and I do cakes as a hobby and LOVE it, so I have been looking into cake decorating as a profession. I interviewed with a MAJOR grocery store that does HUGE volume in my side of town, and they wanted me to work out of my children's schedule, and sometimes on weekends come in at 3 a.m. when graduation and such comes around. MAJOR DILEMA there! I will...
Not I, said the duck....LOL But a thought for a topper if one has not been bought or made..... the bride carrying the groom tied up like a deer along with his shot gun over her shoulder, him in his camo garb, and her going to the alter. From that point anything is possible!
So I am guilty of posting a bunch of my nemo cake, but I spent 12 hrs just on the figurines and shells and icings and fondant not including assembly, and the figurines. My original pic didn't give it justice and CC did go down when I posted my original pic, so no one got to see them. Then the family contacted me and sent me the good photos that they had, they went all over the cake and gave me closeups and the one at the party. It's my most labor intensive cake I've...
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