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I should clarify it is the one he uses that has aerosol can.what is the name of it or a link?
Does anyone have the link to those spray jars/air brush jars Duff uses. I thought I saw a topic on here before about them.
Where it is pre mixed or a homemade receipe.Did you use anything plastic???? Spatula or bowl to mix or store icing. There is something about the the oils or leftover in the plastic or on the beater. I learned this lesson my first time.You need to use either a ***CLEAN*** and dry metal or glass bowl, only a metal spoon, NO rubber spatula or scraper. You can use your Kitchenaid to mix, just make sure you beater is very clean, in all the creases! They even told me if I am...
Qustion if I am using Royal icing to flood a cookie and would like to use would like to use sanding sugar to add stripes or dacorations to a cookie (ex. stipes on a baby rattle) Will the sugar stand up to the liquid in the frosting or pretty much disapate before the royal icing hardens????Thank you for all your help
I know this question probly gets asked a million times. How well do sugar cookies freeze? Can I flood them with the royal icing before freezing them? How about, if I don't freeze them how far ahead can I make them?I have seen alot of cute paper labels for baby showers, how do you go about making them? What size bags is good to get for a general 4 inch cookie? Thank you in advance for all your help.Heather
I am doing a Bridal Shower cake for a friend. I have a few ideas but wanted to get some suggestions, if anyone has done this before. Her wedding is very scottish! Kilts and all. I am starting some gum paste flowers. She is using Blue Thistle, white Hydrandra Red Carations, green Bear Grass. I also thinking of something with the plaid of their family.Thank you for all your help.
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