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Also, try this link: I have not used it yet so I can't tell you how I like it but the person that referred me to it said that she likes it.
Thanks for the reply and reference. I know of her work and I know that she sells her creations. When I get something, I will be sure to share with you.
Is anyone on here creating dessert tables, cupcake toppers, and such? I am looking into creating and designing printables but am a little stuck on the how to create and with what software. Are you confused by my question????
Happy birthday Jackie! This site has changed my life forever and I am truly grateful for your vision and gifts!!!
Awww...that was so nice!
What about on the bottom on the cake board? Just let them know where it is upon delivery. The invoice idea sound great too! Put it right in the area of the price!
I am too pumped!!!!! This is AWESOME news!!!! Thanks for sharing b/c I had no idea. OMG! I was still looking for a kitchen to rent. Ok....must devise a new plan of action.
This is awesome! Congratulations! They picked the perfect person!!!
Would using simple syrup help?
I used this recipe again this weekend. This time I used cheesecake pudding. Everyone loved them but no one really thought they tasted like cheesecake flavored cookies. I didnt try them b/c I am dieting. Does the white chocolate have a stronger flavor to them?
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