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That's Kim's work! She is absolutely AMAZING and is soooooo nice!! Why don't you send her an email through Flickr and ask her how she does it. She does use some fondant but her base is buttercream. She isn't really able to stack the cookies but who cares with cookies that look like that!! From what I can see, she uses a basket weave tip and makes large wide stripes of buttercream. Then she uses sanding sugar over that to kind of seal the buttercream in. From there...
Here's the tutorial that I remember. I haven't tried it so I can't say if it's easy or difficult. Good luck!
Yes you can!
I actually came across how to make them a few weeks ago. I'll see if I can find the link for you.
Here are some I found from google images: from our friend kneadacookie: this helps!
You should check out this photostream on Kim does all her cookies in buttercream. Her designs are awesome! I don't think she can stack them but they look beautiful and I bet they taste incredible!
Ok, now I remember. I used it to try to make my royal icing shiny but I think I put too much in and the royal icing didn't set (it didn't dry hard enough). So the trick is to not put too much in. I think it's only a drop or two.
Zamode,I've heard of this. Martha Stewart says to use it to make icing shiny. I have tried it (years and years ago - still have the bottle I bought when I read about it in her magazine) but I actually forgot about it! I'm going to try to find out if it was her magazine or in one of her books about decorating cookies. As I recall, it was in 1998 or so when I tried it.
Gemini and Kneadacookie, I see that you guys are forum fanatic and addict and I'm only a frequent member. You guys win!!
Yes, it's ridiculous and expensive! I've got all these napkins that I just KNOW the designs will make great cookies. I actually stopped myself the other day and I was so proud of myself! I also search endlessly online for images. I spend so much time on this that I don't get a lot done around here. Not only that, I'm not really making that many cookies! I wish I could get something done! Ok, I have to go and check out all the other sites I visit. Nothing like some...
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