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Thanks everyone!  I actually had success icing the flag white, then applying really thin red color blocks using the waxed paper technique described in the tutorial (thanks Flourpots!).  It worked like a charm with a nice crisp line and no bleeding!  I did an easy bc transfer for the leaf.  I guess we need to move from VA to Canada now!  Not my best work, but good enough for kindergarten! I'll try to attach a...
Thanks!  I'll definitely do a bc transfer for the maple leaf, but I don't think I want to make the entire top a transfer. Maybe I could do the middle white section with the leaf and then just place it on top of the red?  I think that might work.   Thanks again!
My son wants a Canadian flag cupcake cake for his birthday tomorrow (don't ask, he just really, really enjoyed our trip to Niagara Falls).  Anyway, I'm nervous about making the striped part of the flag (red - white - red).  Are there any tricks to making crisp, straight lines without letting the red bleed onto the white?  I thought about covering the entire base in white and then piping the red on, but I don't want the elevation to be different between sections.  Does that...
Thanks!  I hope it works.  I'm a little annoyed that her project has suddenly become my project!  I swore, I wasn't going to be "one of those parents," but here I am.  Shame on me!!
I'm helping my daughter do her plant cell project, so naturally she wanted it made out of cake.  We were thinking of making the cytoplasm out of sparkle gel (kind of like the water in pool cakes), but I'm not sure how to fill the entire area.  Can I thin the gel with water to make it easier to spread, and cut down on the cost?   Thanks!   Katie
Hello!   I am baking a 12 x 18" tonight using the Darn Good Chocolate Cake recipe (Ann Byrne).  I plan on using nails and reducing the eggs, but I'm worried that it will sink.  Anyone have success with this?  Any tips?  I'm guessing that I will need 4 batches to get the right amount of batter.   Thanks!   Katie
Hello! I am making a cross cake that is 18" across and 24" long. I am thinking that if I put it caddy corner I can use a 22" square base made of plywood. The cake will be be two layers, both torted and filled. How thick should the plywood be? What should I cover it with? If I add a third Torted and filled layer, should I put a board between layers ? Thanks a million! Katie
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I was wondering if corn starch would work!  You saved Easter!   p.s.  We like it sweeeeet!
Ok, here's the situation (no, my parents didn't just leave for a week's vacation) ...   I'm making a strawberry cake for Easter with a strawberry jam filling.  Directions were to mix 4 c. mashed strawberries with 2.5 cups sugar, and let sit 30 minutes, then boil for 5 minutes, then mix in 3 oz. strawberry jello and let sit.   I stupidly dumped the jello in BEFORE I boiled the strawberry/sugar mix.  Will it still set?  The thought of going back to the store for...
I am planning on baking cupcakes using Kakeladi's WASC recipe which calls for 18.25 ounces of white cake mix.  I only have the new mix size (16.5 ounces).  Should I increase flour and or sugar?   Thanks!   Katie11
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