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I use Wilton's colors with excellent results:
I'm with TexasSugar, I never freeze, just cut and crumb coat:
Which is why us younger gals ought to be spreading the word! By younger I mean, um, me, I turn 23 every year ;D
Yay Buttercream!! Man I would LOVE to see a buttercream challenge, no fondant allowed! I just watched a recent episode of 'Bake, Decorate, Celebrate' by Wilton and they said they had a cake that could only be done in fondant. Ooooo, challenge!
I always wrapped the bottoms of the pan in tin foil, in case any batter leaks
Thank you Suuz0808! And let me say you make some crazy amazing cakes! I went through your album and favorited a few ;D
I marked my cake at even intervals and carved it some, then used cake scraps to make the shape:'s another that shows a little of how I shape that mass
Tendinitis, both elbows, both from CAKE! lol-It's kind of embarrassing too when people would ask what the braces were for My right arm went out when I was whipping up some cake batter, 2 orders 2 days in a row. My left arm went from kneading candy clay, I felt the tingling sensation and I'm like, "Noooooo!" They're getting better now, no more braces thankfully so my injury is hidden
I think it's the swirl in this one that you're lookin' for
I had the bubble happen a lot last summer, never knew what caused it until after I did this cake: suggested less frosting on the sides and that did the trick! It has helped that I started spatula frosting my cakes because I can see exactly how deep the frosting.
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