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I do all my baking (I do not sell my cakes) from scratch and I don't think it's tricky at all. Perhaps, since I have been baking for so many years I already have the know how? Practice makes perfect or so they say. Trust me, there is nothing better than from scratch. Ladies, I don't want anyone who bakes from a mix to be offended. That's just my opinion.
I agree with kakeladi. Incorporate what you like from other cakes into your own cake. A fence, a bird, color, etc. The list is endless.
Very happy for you!
The cake I bake the most is a hot milk sponge cake. That cake is always moist the second day. I sometimes freeze it and it's still moist. Can't understand why yours would be dry, Relznik
If you keep it refrigerated, it will last at least 4 days without going bad. Of course, it not as good as the first or second day. However, having said that, I wouldn't sell a cake that old nor would I serve it at a family birthday party (I only bake as a hobby for family and close friends. I never sell them). I know it doesn't go bad because I like to test things that I bake to see what will happen (freeze, leave in the refrigerator for a few days, etc.).
I love baking from scratch. Can't compare scratch to box.
I torte and then freeze. I wrap each layer in plastic wrap and then in foil.
A long time ago I saw a "Disney Wedding" and they took the fondant off before cutting the cake. They left the cake with the buttercream. Don't know how they did it, but it didn't come off with the fondant.
I always refrigerate my cakes. They are covered in buttercream and fondant with perishable fillings. They are never dry.
Sorry about what happened to you, but don't let it be the reason to stop doing what you love. We learn from our mistakes.
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