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oh, hahaha! never mind
wouldn't that be fun?
it's edible ink printed on edible paper, cut small and placed on the wet icing so it dries smooth i think there are edible ink cartridges available for most (if not all) canon printers.i've never worked with them before but i hope this helps a little bit at least it's give you a bump! have a nice one!
...pretty much like the "OATMEAL ICING TEXTURE" used for the teddy bears in, they have this fuzzy look to them.check them out here: is another example: don't think it's the same "oatmeal icing" but a lighter blue sponged on to the darker blue to create a fuzzy effect?and another...
PERFECT!!! wonderful job
sure thing!'m thinking of cutting down the recipe in half, just to fill a small cake but i think i'll keep the amount of bourbon just as it is, if not just a little bit more lol!
awesome!!! i'll try half a recipe of each and decide after that!THANKS!
hi!i'm making a JIM BEAM cake for my friend who loves bourbon colas. i want it to be coca-cola cakes filled with bourbon custard. i've got a recipe for the bourbon custard, it's the cake that i'm having trouble with. every time i search for a coca-cola cake recipe online, i always get something with marshmallows and my friend HATES marshmallows. i want to make something like this: i have...
blessBeckysbaking's suggestion is awesome!
thanks! did you have to dowel the bear itself, too?
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