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Thank you! Yeah, I know, fondant. The customer wants ribbonI guess as long as it absorbs the oils evenly, that's ok. I wonder if I wer to iron a crease right at the corner too, if that would help. Thanks! I am definitely going to try the inex card or computer paper thing!
How do I wrap a ribbon around the base of a square cake without "cutting" into the icing? Is there any particular kind of ribbon that works well at the base of this or any other cake? Is there a way to keep satin from absobing oils?
What the HEll is wrong with you people!? LOLI can't believe what I am reading! This is deception on the part of a friend, not sketchy business practice on the part of a client. And it is flat out WRONG. Have we completely lost the idea of right and wrong in this society where capitalism is our religion, and all that matters is that we get paid, and how the other guy gets paid doesn't matter? Not only that but he is STEALING intellectual property by passing it off as his...
Indy debi, I very rarely disagree with you, but there are no mixed feelings to be had here, IMO. What took place was deception, not subcontracting. This situation in fact has ZERO to do with subcontracting.
I have both of those, and I like them. I don't get books for recipes, generally. If you have found something you like, stick with it! I LOVE the book and I haven't tried ONE recipe
I truly think it sounds like a fun throw down! You are both competitive. You can have fun and learn from it!
Buttercream would also be fine. The original red velvet frosting is a cooked flour based one......
Your oven temp might be off a bit. I would turn it down a bit, and make your own insulating strips out of wet towels. Watch the strings though, stitch the edges if you want, they can catch on fire, or so I hear!! Never had that problem. I just get the edges extra wet, works great. I do that on my smaller pans and the pricey ones on my larger pans...just because I already have them.....I have never had hard edges with strips....HTH and GL
ummm you never said what YOU thought. Did you taste it? Did you think it was underdone? You said they said it was underdone and that your husband said it "wasn't very good." Was it, in fact, underdone?
adatay,I am in AWE!So you predrill the base and glue in the center dowel, then lower your cakes with predrilled bases. The cakse are dowelled in the normal fashion. Could you explain wha tyou mean by "glue" the tiers? Do you mean to the individual boards...or something different?Also, do you use masonite for your boards between tiers or something else?Thanks!!
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