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Thanks, Ladies..I appreciate your input.   Denise, what were you selling? The basic stuff or did you try to sell any gumpaste molds, cutters..etc. I'm going to advertise the heck out of our garage sale and give it a shot. I'm also going to put a flyer at our local culinary school. I can't believe how much stuff I have.. I even found a full 4oz jar of super pearl that I forgot I had.. 20 years of playing! :)  
I'm walking away from cake decorating and will be getting ready to have a garage sell.. I'm trying to price my supplies. I want to sell, but I don't want to give it away either..I've paid good money for what I have.   If you went to a garage sell, what would you pay for molds, cutters. cake decorating magazine, etc..?   If there was a gumpaste mold with the original price tag that showed $15.00, would you by 6.00 for it?   How much would you pay for an...
Try steaming the roses...The color really pops and it adds a shimmer to the flowers. Here's a cake I did with red roses that I steamed..
I wasn't sure if you sent the recipes to me or someone else, but I never recieved them if they were intended for me...If not, just ignore this!
You might want to check out this video... This video is part two and you'll want to watch part 3, which shows her covering the cake with fondant.She does a great job explaining how to get sharp edges with fondant. I tried her technique this weekend and I got a sharper edge than I normally do so it does work. I just need more practice..This was my first time using ganache. You can see the red, white and blue cake in my gallery.Great...
Thank you for the responses!! The recipe I used this weekend was from Rose Levy Beranbaum's Cake Bible.. It was the yellow butter cake. It was ok. She has another recipe similar to the yellow butter cake except you add white chocolate. I might try that to see if the chocolate makes a difference. I made Bobby Flay's red velvet cake and it was pretty good..
Can you bake a scratch cake that is AS moist as a doctored box mix??? Be honest. I've made scratch cakes, which have not been dry, but are not as moist as box mixes. I know it's not because I've over baked them..It could be the recipe.So, can scratch recipes ever be as moist as a box mix???Thank you.
I made ganache for the first time this weekend and it turned out perfectly.. I used 1 part cream to 2 parts chocolate and I used Giradhelli chocolate chips. I used 400 ml of cream and 800 grams of chocolate. No butter.I watched this video: and followed her directions to a tee. My microwave is pretty powerful so I adjusted the time I zapped my mixture. I'm a visual learner so watching the video helped.
My pic got deleted because I put it in the wrong place...Here's the new link.
I made a cake and covered it with ganache and fondant..This is the first time for me. Can someone tell me if the amount of ganache I used is too much, not enough or just right..I'm thinking I could have used a little more since the board started to show when I applied the fondant. Here's a link to a pick of the inside of the cake.. you.
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