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I find Icing Images frosting sheets to be the best.  And their customer service is fantastic!
Agbay is the best tool I ever spent my $$ on! 1. If you like making gumpaste flowers, cutters and veiners are great. 2. Sharon Zambito and Jennifer Dontz's DVDs are a must - you get so much out of them. 3. The really large rolling pins (since I know that I will not get the sheeter )4. Silicone mats, extra flex bags. 5. I like books since I can pick it up faster than getting on the internet - there are some great magazines that come out of the UK - mostly photos,...
I actually bought cutters when I was at ICES convention this year. However, you can go on the internet and print them out to create a template. Then use an exacto knife to cut.
Ellentwn - you made me laugh as I remember watching the movie with Sandra Bullock where she went undercover for a beauty pageant - can't think of the name.My wish list - storage space, more time to play with all the cake toys I keep buying, storage space and more storage space (did I mention storage space)!
I just took my first sugar class and loved it. I just bought mine - went to the hardware store. Get a ceramic bulb base so that it can withstand the heat, a heating lamp bulb (the red ones) and use a clamp to hold it in place.
I have seen some of the professionals use it without water. However, I just took a class and they suggested that you add water to make the sugar look like wet sand. So we put the sugar in the pot and started to add the water. Use your hands to mix until it gets to the wet sand stage. Then put it on the fire. Do not let the flames go up the side of the pot.Hope this helps.
How about rolling out a mixture of fondant/gumpaste and cutting it out. Then just stick in on the side of the cake.
I had to do a Yankees themed cake and could not find navy blue fondant. After several tries, I ended up buying navy blue color and mixing. However, it still dried much lighter than I liked, so I ended up brushing with navy blue food coloring afterwards. It was messy and I would not do it again. Hope someone else has a suggestion.
I think I remember reading in another thread to put 1 tsp of baking soda into your icing or fondant. But I could be wrong.
Don't know of any free to download programs, but Wedding Cake Design Pro (I think I have the name correct) is a good and easy to use program.
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