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Does anyone have this recipe? I cant get the link to work.
Where can I get custom stamps to press images into fondant circles for cupcake toppers? I would like to be able to do initials for weddings, and also local school/business logos.  I have seen them on bakery sites like this...   ...but I cannot figure out where I can purchase them for a reasonable amount.    Also, what about fondant shapes...
I used the brown sugar and caramel sauce and it turned out great! I also added some of the Duncan Hines frosting creations caramel flavor packet. Next time I think I might also add caramel extract. Thanks for the advice!
Does anyone have a good caramel cake recipe starting with a box of white cake mix? Usually I would use the Original WASC recipe with a caramel cake mix and caramel extract, but the caramel cake mix is not currently available in my area. I have a request for a full sheet cake so I want something that will not fall apart. Any suggestions on how to make this recipe work? new recipes? The *Original* WASC cake recipeIngredients1 box cake mix (I prefer Betty Crocker) *see notes...
Thanks All ~ My cakes are coming out of the pan beautifully now!
I just started taking a cake decorating class. I am getting the decorating part real well. I was told to let my cake cool 10 minutes and then turn it over on a cooling rack. I am having a hard time getting it out and when I do it is in 2 pieces. The middle on the bottom is sticking. I am using cooking spray. Any ideas on how to get the cake out of the pan without ending up with half of it on the cooling rack and half of it in the pan?
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