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Good morning fellow CC'ers,   I have a client requesting the cake below. can someone please tell me the best way to make the "lid" for this make up cake? Any help is greatly appreciated!   Thanks, Rhonda 
I have a bride who wants fondant wrapped "dummy" cakes with real photos of her and the groom from their college years. The photos are on real photo paper. Could someone please tell me the best "glue" to use to attach photos to fondant? None of this will be edible!   Thanks! Rhonda
I baked two sheet cakes on Sunday evening. Monday evening I put icing between them and stacked one on top of the other for a "double" sheet cake. I wrapped it in plastic wrap and slid in the refrigerator Monday night (I thought I put it in the freezer!!).   basically, this cake has been refrigerated since Monday evening. It is for a client for tomorrow (Friday). I slid it in the freezer this morning to at least give it 8-10 hours at a frozen temp. Is this cake still...
These are so awesome! Thatnks for the help!   Rhonda
One of the premier wedding planners in my area just contacted me about showcasing my work at a huge holiday bash he is having. He wantes to showcase me as a "Featured" cake vendor. His party theme is "Peppermints and Gents". The invation is mainly red and white with a black bow tie and pepperments.   Could you please shar some possible ideas for decorating a cake? I will be doing a 5-7 tier "dummy" cake and could really use some help on how to put this theme into a...
I could really use some help on this one. Does anybody have a converse shoe template?Thanks!
Does anyone have a template or tutorial for how to make a fondant/gumpaste converse sneaker? The cake will be the "shoebox" but the shoe will not be cake.I could really use some help.Thanks!
Any suggestions?
I just had a client request a Key Lime Pound cake. Does anyone had a recipe for this?Thanks,Rhonda
I just completed my first fondant covered dummy cake and it is phenomenal!! I want to take special care and preserve it so I can multiple rentals out of it. Does anyone have any suggesstions/recommendations for any type of sealant or spray that I can put on each tier to preserve or keep it from excessive damage?Any help is greatly appreciated!Rhonda
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