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I had to make almost 200 butter cream roses for a wedding cake.  Made them two weeks in advance and stored them in a sheet case box.  No problem.  Easy to do and store.  The problem with making fondant is that the color does seems to fade even in a short period of time.
I do not explain my prices.  The butcher has never told me why his steaks cost XX$.
Before I set any cake anywhere, I do "the cake walk".  I go into the venue and see where they want the cake and talk to the planner, mother of the bride-whoever is in charge.  I have had people tell me to just set it down and they will move it.   UH, NO  this cake does not get moved after I place it.  I waited one time for thirty minutes while they decided where they wanted the table and then decorated it and I PLACED the cake.  The Florist?  Who is the Florist?  I...
I purchased the Silhouette last year and Linda McClure's book and cutter.  I just have not had the time to experiment with it.  I am sure that it would make cakes with great details and very affordable.  I am just not sure that I am going to keep it. 
I have had people ask me if I share recipes.  My response is, "It isn't the recipe, it's the technique".  Had one person lead a group to me for my pie crust recipe.  I told them what recipe book that it was from and added, "I think what makes it so good is the $1,300.00 press that I use to make them!"  Not one more question!
I am going to cost this out.  Seems like these ingredients are as expensive as another box of mix.
I have a problem with Facebook.  In the Commonwealth of Kentucky you cannot sell from your home.  NO if's and's or but's!  But Facebook allows anyone who can type to set up a "Business Page" as a grocery, restaurant and sell from any kind of environment.  I cannot tell you how many times that I have worked with a prospective client for days only to be turned over to one of these-I need to make a little money people.  I have made the commitment with a building, permits,...
My bowl was doing this.  I stopped putting it in the sanitizer sink and just rinsed it.  No more discoloration.
I take a check, cash it and then when the item is returned in good condition, I give them a check and they cash it for their deposit.
To "can" any food in KY you need to have a Micro-processor permit in addition to a commercial kitchen.  Layers and layers of red tape, paperwork and expense.
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