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I like your cakecentral name, "CakesIMake"! in Tucker, Ga, not far from Stone Mountain. I hear the angels sing when I walk into this place! ha ha!
Some days you were baking hundreds of cookies besides mixing and making the gourmets. (more if a holiday was involved) To put a stick in during baking would slow the process way too much. In the shop I worked, the baker would drill the holes and move to the decorating racks. The decorators would decorate and then move to assembly. There are 1-inch increment sticks starting at 6" to 14"+. The assembler decides what length stick goes on what cookie. If the cookie...
TubbsCookies--Can't really get my head around the drill thing. Anyone got any idea how that would work?__________________________________I tried to draw a picture of the cookie drill. The drill lays horizontal. On the "deck" there is a red line so you know how far you are drilling into the cookie. You slide the cookie forward and back and wha-la!
Hi Bonnie,I've been perusing the site after an absence. Feels good to be back. How about "Summer movies" as a cookie theme for July?? (Wall-e, Kung Fu Panda, Hulk, Wanted, Sex in the City, ....)kos
About shanzah67's idea--"taking our everyday cutters and using it for something else other than the object it was intended to be." -- You could still make Halloween cookies, or whatever you choose, but choose one cutter that wouldn't typically be Halloween and "make it" Halloween. Use a gingerbread cutter for trick-or-treaters, use the bell cutter upside down for a witch's cauldron, the circle cutter for a moon with bats, ice cream cutter upside down for a witch or Harry...
Cool ideas. This would really be a great way to see the creativity of the creative!kos
Wow NancysFancy, you're a genius! I love the "roy-al-t" cookies. I can't decide if I like them or the headless wife better. I love her expression. Do you handcut your cookies? Fabulous! kos
Thanks Barbara for the kind words!kos
I haven't posted in I-don't-know-how-long. I'm not even sure I remember how to download a picture. Here goes... This is a princess cookie using the ice cream cutter upside-down. kos
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