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I guess I am being a dunce here - first you make the giant cupcake - clean the pan, etc. and pour chocolate in the pan to make a hard shell - do you drop the baked cupcake cake into the shell afterwards?
Dallas Foam is the best place - I have purchased dummies a few times and they also made custom rounds for the centerpieces at my daughters wedding! Customer service is excellent.
Kakeladi - I used your receipe for WASC for both white cake and chocolate for my daughters wedding cake. Three tiers, each tier had a layer of white and a layer of the chocolate. Everyone loved the cake! The layers were baked, frozen, and transported from Florida to Massachusetts.
Success! Froze the baked cake layers. Packed all my tools and Viva paper towels. Decorated the cake Thursday, stacked and touched up the cake on Friday. After the ceremony on Saturday, delivered the cake to the reception, did some touch ups. Cake looked great, received many compliments on the cake - cake was delicious! Would I do it again? Yes!! My thanks to everyone on Cake Central for their suggestions and ideas.
Check out Wilton Sugar Sheets - they work great with the Cricut
Traveling to Massachusetts for daughters wedding. Pre-baking and freezing cakes. Will decorate during the week I am there. My problem is how do I transport, assemble the cakes at the venue and get to the wedding on time? Cake will be 4 tiers - thinking about stacking two and two and finishing the assembly at the venue. Any thought or ideas? Thank you!
I use Duncan Hines and use the WASC recipe for both my white and chocolate cakes. I love the texture of the cakes.
I am in the process of baking 2 - 12" heart shaped tiers for my daughter's wedding cake. The first layer was not completely cooked in the middle. The second one I used the heat nails - took a long time to bake - outside seems burnt. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to properly bake the 12" cakes. (the oven has been calibrated)Thank you for all responses,Beverly
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