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Thank you so much for the diagram and tips...I did a trial run this week and found out that I need to cover the fuselage in fondant first then cover the front and aft pylons. The fondant kept tearing when trying to do the whole thing. Made the blades out of super thin bolsa wood. I feel sooo much pressure to get the details right since these guys built them, work on them and fly them. Thankfully I was able to get up close and personal with the new fox model last night and...
Ive been asked by my husbands unit to make a helicopter cake for their next event at the end of July. I've only done 2 other carved cakes but nothing 3D like this. I'm so out of my league here but they really want me to try and will pay good $$ for it. It's the chinook, the one with two rotors on top. I'm going to need a sturdy base that I can "attach" wheels to. Do I use wood? How about the...
Thank you all soooo very much for the ideas and especially for the rundown on the show...this was exactly what I needed! From the sounds of it I need to make it a point to go see this show on our next trip to NYC.
That is my dilema he said she loves both wicked & wizard of oz as well as the tulips. I was thinking 3 tiers for the topsy turvy. Maybe I will suggest he go with one or the other and shoot from there...I wish I could rent Wicked so I would know what the fuss is all about Thanks so much!!
I did a similar version of Bella's Birthday cake from the movie for my dd's new moon release party. Cover two tiers in White fondant or just use BC and cut multi colored strips of green. Then accent with artificial flowers. You could easily leave the silver letters off or you can order them on eBay for less than $10 total.
My husbands coworker asked me to make this for his girlfriend. She loves Wizard of Oz/Wicked and would like it to be a topsy turvy style with tulips (he suggested green) as well. I'm so stumped on this one. I've never seen Wicked so I don't know how to tie it into Wizard of Oz other than the green witch part.Any ideas??Thanks so much!!
I usually dip my brush in alcohol dip in dust then brush on. Hope this helps
Ok i just got this order and I've kinda got an idea but she wants it in all buttercream. My idea would work much better in fondant. So how would you go about making this?? She mentioned something about Mr Limpet wearing glasses and a grad cap. I've never made a carved cake before let alone a grad cap wearing fish! Its only going to serve about 20 so I'm thinking of stacking 8" rounds? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
I just ordered a 2lb. tub of Choco-pan last month, took it out of the cupboard to cover a cake and it's hard as a rock. Never opened it until just now. Is this normal?? Is there a way to soften it up?? I've only worked with Satin Ice and SOOOO glad I have that as a back up or I'd be freaking out. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.
I made choconilla RKT cake by forming layers in 6" pans and "iced" it with chocolate buttercream. It was just a little cake to serve 5 kids and was a hit.hth
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