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Thanks. I did add in more chocolate and it worked fine.
I make ganache with 2 parts chocolate, 1 part heavy cream.I screwed up last night (long story) and forgot to tare the weight on my scale once I put my bowl on it. So this morning I am realizing there is too much cream.Can I add more melted chocolate now or should I start a whole new batch?
Can you get pictures of the car off the internet (side, front, top, back views)? Print them out and enlarge them to about the size you want the cake to be (a bit smaller since the fondant will increase the size).Cut the car out. Use this as a template to carve (hold the paper up to the cake and then cut around the template). When I've done this, the side view was the most important. I could never wing the dimensions. But, having this template gives you a clear view...
I am going to be doing a cake similar to this one (white hydrangea cake): will be a BC square - no fondant.GP hydrangea bunches on the side of the cake. What do you think is the best way to get the bunches of hydrangea to adhere on the side?I am thinking wire the flowers, bundle together, tape. Insert straws into the sides of the cakes where bunches will be located; insert straw with a downwards angle. Insert bundled,...
I vote for the Agbay. I absolutely love, love, love it. I wish I had bought it sooner. I struggled with that Wilton POS for a long time and trying to get level cakes easily for a looong time. i should have just listened to Leahs years ago when she recommended it.I also have an EI printer which I really like. It's nice to have to offer that option. Plus, my writing with icing is BAD. I've taken to making an EI plaque with the birthday message on it. I do make sure...
leily - I love them too - but they only carry the foil covered ones. I want the plain cardboard ones (I'll even take wax covered ones)
Does anyone know where I can find 9" square cake boards? I am doing a 12-9-6 square cake in a few weeks and I have 12, I found 6: know I can cut my own...but I really like them pre-cut!Thanks!
That is a great idea for the agbay - can't wait to try it on my next cake
Who is selling it for $149?? I do not have it, so I cannot give you an opinion. But, to cut out a message for the cake or board alone, I'm willing to look into it (my icing writing is terrible) and I usually really on tappits or cutters
Here is the oval mold sold at GSA:[/url]
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