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I've had problems with my subscription in the past.  Received an email from CC offering a discount for a renewal two weeks ago.  Tried to renew but had problems with the discount code.  I called multiple times and left detailed messages with NO response.  I like the magazine when received but like everyone else the customer service ( or should I say WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE) has helped me decide not to bother with the magazine.
I attended several weekend classes at ICE, and agree with what others have said.  If you are looking specifically for cake decorating there are much cheaper ways to learn.  The Wilton's Masters Program is a good starting point.  Also, consider DVD's and YouTube.  There are many excellent books and cake deco magazines.  It may be a little time consuming trying to find out what you are interested in and what areas you like, but it is significantly cheaper than the two...
Thanks cakesbyliz and jason_kraft for your ideas.
Based on your earlier response I thought you were suggesting sprinkles only. I am hoping to come up with decorations that tie into the art theme. They did not set a budget. But are looking to me to come up with a cost based on what I will be providing.Thanks for the link. Thats was informative.If anyone else has ideas I sure would like to hear them.
I was asked to provide everything needed for the competition.I thought about sprinkles but was thinking that would be something for children and how much decorting can be done with sprinkles.
I was approached by someone at an Assisted Living Facility about providing supplies and material for a cupcake competition. It's for senior appreciation day and the theme is art. She wants the seniors to ice their cupcake and has asked me to provide stuff they can use to decorate the cupcake. I am at a loss on what I can provide. Any ideas/thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
I have thank you cards that are blank on the inside. I usually prepare a handwritten note relating to the acitvity/function and again thank them for their order.
Thanks all.. Based on everyone's ideas I think I can go back with additional suggestions.(She's in a nursing home (the facility wants to do this for her). Not sure if any family is still around.)
Thanks. You both offered very good suggestions. I am not a master with figures but I think I can do something nice. Anyone else have suggestions?
I was asked to come up with ideas for a birthday cake for someone turning 110. The only info given is she is very "prim" and proper, loves jewelry, and taught school (in every subject) before retiring.I suggested jewelry box cake, pocketbook with lace gloves, and books. Did not get a positive response.Can you all think of anything??
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