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Thank you for the link. I am actually thinking about using the mix version of WASC as I am more comfortable with working with it. What about using a yellow mix in the WASC and just adding butter flavoring? I just don't want it to take fake and I'm not sure how to substitute butter for any of the other ingredients.
Is there a butter cake version of WASC or do any of you have ideas for how to make one? TIA
LOL! I needed that today!
I have a birthday cake to make for a surprise party and they just said that liked any flavor but coconut. However, they did mention chocolate as one of the flavors they liked. The party is for 50 adults. Would it be boring to marble chocolate and vanilla WASC and just fill it with a whipped ganache? I'm using white bc, but am not sure what to flavor it with. It's two tiers so I could mix up the flavors a little, but I'm a bit out of practice with making cakes. I just...
LOL! That's what came to my mind too- a stacked cake with a crazy fox tail sticking you. Ick! I like the idea of the animal prints.
So I was asked to do a 40th birthday cake for a woman with the last name Fox. They wanted it to have the theme, "Foxy at 40." That's pretty much all I have to go on. Do you have any ideas? She's a girly girl, but also likes to hunt and garden.TIA!
No, I didn't know about settling until I watched Sugarshack's DVD a few days ago.I am going to try her method this time. Do you think that will keep the fondant from wrinkling my cake?
Whenever I apply fondant accents to my cakes, the BC wrinkles and gets that beautiful elephant skin look. Uggg...Am I waiting too long to put the fondant on or not long enough? Is the fondant too thick? I usually start adding stripes or polka dots right after smoothing the crusted cake. Is there something I should be using as an adhesive?Any ideas on how I could fix this? I have a cake to do for a friend this weekend and am wanting to add fondant accents to the bc....
Thanks for all of the replies. I only make a few cakes a year as gifts to family and friends. I'm hoping to start covering the cakes in fondant because I don't like the way my bc looks. Maybe if I start doing more cakes, I'll invest in the airbrushing system. I bet it's a lot of fun to use and I love the effect that it gives to cakes!
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