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try, I've used them before and they were very helpful
We have one in Birmingham called the Cupcake Station. It's a cute little shop in a small downtown area.
Thank you everyone, I have to say I was pretty proud of it when I was done.
I don't know if anyone is still following it, heck I lost track of it myself. Here was my final result. you all for your vote of confidence!
Awesome! Thank you for putting that together and sharing it
Oh wait, could you make one layer (maybe the bottom) look like a gift box and use ribbon the colors she wants and make the the other tiers look like a wedding cake?
You could definitely do the wedding cake and make a separate 6" birthday cake for her mom. I just did this for a wedding this past weekend.If she really wanted it all in one cake, hmm I might have to think about that one.
I don't have any white ribbon, but I do have blue that matches her colors. I might see if my 24 hour store has some white ribbon, but the fondant border might be good enough if I can't get white ribbonEdited: I forgot to say thank you for the advice
I am working on a wedding cake that I have due tomorrow and might need to change the bride's design a little. My fondant gave me issues along the bottom edges and the beading she wanted might not cover the flaws enough.I was thinking about using a blue ribbon instead of the blue beading, but was wondering if this might be a deal breaker.Has anyone out there been in a similar situation? What did you do?
You can actually make something very similar with a card board box and tracing paper. Thats what my hubby did for my cakes. I just need him to make a bigger one for my larger cakes.
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