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Yeah, those people were nutty. We delivered the cakes while a full staff watched and chit chatted. You would think they would have one of their phone numbers!...I am going to e-mail the MOB to see how they liked the cakes then I'm going to throw in some venting! I hate thinking about them bad mouthing me to the bride before her ceremony!
thanks Mariela ...took a nap..tons of people got married today...tomorrow is Mothers Day! Happy mothers day everyone!
I just got home... Finished with deliveries and ready to relax! So I see that my cell phone (which I forgot to take) has 3 new VM. Ok, these calls are about my last delivery which was at 4:15...which btw was 15 minutes early!! First call @4:18 MOB: "hi I'm just checking in to make sure everything is ok, call my cell phone since I'm not at home" she says this like she is talking to a little kid, whatever. ok, I assume she's at the church and just doesn't know the cakes are...
Thanks Monkess =)... And thanks for more great info chaptlips and everyone
Thanks K2cakes!! great info here
Placing my order tomorrow. I will let you know if it works.Thanks!
I think I read that recently. Anyone have the code?Thanks a'bunch!
snarkybaker: do you know if the Pilsbury mix is just the same as in the box mix? Or do you add less ingredients...seems weird but a bulk mix I saw online had more ingredients included in the mix.Thanks for the info guys...very interesting
Wow, thanks Chef Angie. Very helpful!
Any of you bakeries out there using a cake mix? I am trying to decide on using a mix vs scratch when I open. Mixes are fast, taste good and keep the cost down.... BUT my question is how many mixes can you mix in your mixer at once? On tv you see bakeries using the huge mixer and mixing all of the scratch batter at once!Any experience on using a cake mix for bulk baking?Thanks!!
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