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Did you see it on CC gallery or somewhere else? Is this it?, just noticed you said red and white, so this is not it.
Yes, yes, yes, and yes to all your questions. I have baked, decorated and frozen cookies up to 2 months ahead of time. Make sure the royal icing is completely dry before you package the cookies. When you freeze them, i would put the cookies standing up and pack them into an airtight container and freeze. I also put several layers of glad wrap ( I think you call them saran wrap in the US) around the container before putting into the freezer.Whenyou need the cookies, take...
I have bothe the script and funky letter tappits and just love, love, love them. Here is my method for cutting our the letters :- Roll out fondant thinly and leave for about 30 minutes to dry.- Get a piece of kitchen paper towel and spray a little bit of the cooking spray on the paper towel and wipe it across the letter that you wish to cut out.- Cut our letter and tap gently and the letter will just drop out.I never have any problems with the letters getting stuck. If...
Thanks for the info Emma and Kim. Cake is due Saturday. Hope it turns out okay! someone please explain to me how to do this design? I think I have some idea but would appreciate if it could be explained.
The cost per sheet is for 12 of the same images. I think that is pretty much to going rate for edible images. I called a my local cake store and they charge $20.00 per sheet for 12 images
There are a few ebay sellers in australia who do personalised edible images. However, they are not cheap - $14.50 for 12 images.
Looks like Bakels is the firm favourite. Wonder if there is a horse by that name running in the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday? Hey there Pam! Things are going good over here. Might have to give your recipe a try one day ..... when I get organised enough!
I use Bakels and just love it. No problems with consistency and very easy to use. I find that it takes colours easily.
My sister, who lives in Singapore, buys them for me from a store called Phoon Huat and sends them to me. The item is labelled - Cup Pleated White. A pack of 60 costs about Singapore$8.00 or $10.00. They measure 60mm across and are 44mm high. I also have the ones with strawberries printed on them. They are smaller.Here is a link to their website. Maybe you could contact them and enquire.
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