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regular stuff. (I'm sure there are other brands, I'm just familiar with Hershey's.)
Granulated brown sugar works great for sand. Domino's is called "brownulated", I think.How will your son make this "his" project? Will he be able to help in a substantial way if you do a cake rather than a shoebox?
I'd check with bakeries or cake supply stores for the hi-ratio shortening. I just got some yesterday from a local place. It wasn't on the shelf, I had to ask for it and they just weighed some out in a container to sell me. Good luck. I've subbed it in the Wilton buttercream recipe and really like it much better. Not sure about yield, I'm only an occasional decorator and can't remember what I used last time!
We have the Queasy Bake Oven, too. Most of the Quesy Bake Mixes taste horrendous - nobody would more than taste any of them.I, honestly was pretty disappointed with the whole thing. They got it because I'd never had an Easy-Bake oven as a kid. It's way too hard to get things cooked properly. I'm looking to get rid of ours. It would have been a better investment to just get some kid-sized real cooking tools.
When I take pictures of cakes, I've started using a background of some kind. One of my sons has a white blanket he carries around. I can use clothespins and fasten it to the handles on my kitchen cabinets and let it drape over the counter. Makes a much better picture to not have the kitchen clutter in the background.[/img]
The recipe we usually make is half-and-half, cream, sugar and vanilla and stays pretty nice. It's snow white, and very similar to commercial soft serve.
Maybe a garden on a square or rectangular cake? Fondant rocks and a Bonsai tree.
I've done one with German Chocolate cake mix and the whole tub of frosting - it's in one of the Cake Mix Doctor books. Baked it in a Bundt pan. DH said it was good - I didn't try it because I don't like it. And it wasn't decorated or anything, so I can't comment on how the texture would work for that kind of thing. From what I could tell the texture was moist and firm and didn't seem to crumble excessively, though.
I LOVE royal icing decorations! I'm occasionally tempted to buy the premade decorations at the store just to eat
I just went over it again with the dry brush and it's going to be fine. I'm not used to having any time to try things - I'm usually trying to finish the cake and the meal all at the same time!I am still curious about the shortening, though, can you use that rather than the sugar?
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