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any ideas howi can make a tiki torch cake for my soon to be 6 yr old? this is his request for his water gun/spash party. or a big hawaiian shirt or water gun.thanks!jami
thanks so much ladies! this was just was i was looking for. so you just add it onto the cake like that? is it easy?i'll give it a try tomorrow!Jami
i want to do a classic pooh cake, how do i transfer the image onto a cake? i've read you use a coloring sheet? i am clueless asi have never done this before.thanks!\\Jami
how do you cut it? do you cut the bottom layer first and work through the top? freezing it doesn't make the cake taste dry? I will give ti a try. i have all weekend to practice. thanks so much for all your helpful advice. i really want this cake to be special for her.jami
it is for a 2 yr olds bday party. How many would a 9 in round feed? I need i t to feed about 25 people. i like the cones idea though. very cute!i am still very new at this, so any extra help would be great. such as, how do you keep the crumbs from spreading into the white icing?
can anyone give me any tipson how to do a castle cake or a princess cake for 25 people? i want to make it for dd's bday.thanks!
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