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My son would love a Lego cake for his birthday.  I was wondering if anyone's ever tried these Lego man molds and if so, how'd it turn out?  I'm thinking of using something like this.  I'd put the Lego men either on top of the cake or on cupcakes using candy melts or something.  
JDelectables:  Your cake is gorgeous, wow!  Good job!  Those colours are amazing together!  What colours did you use?   Do they advise that you do the scrollwork first and then the flowers on the top, or the other way around?
I just wanted to let everyone know that I tried the Wilton 402 tip yesterday and could NOT get it to work!  I went back to the Ateco 403 tip (even though I had wanted smaller flowers) and it worked perfectly!  So anyone out there that's having trouble, maybe it's because you're using the Wilton tip (which doesn't seem to work very well) and/or your buttercream isn't stiff enough, it has to be pretty stiff. 
AviaCake:  They look gorgeous!  Good job!!
I agree, their scroll work is beautiful!
Thanks Nancy!   I was actually thinking the same thing... I wouldn't pay for a tutorial.  They are actually pretty easy to do... you just need to practice a bit to get them right.  Just like you would for the buttercream rose (which is actually harder.)
I just had a call from Wilton today (regarding working in a Michael's store), so I'm reading a lot of the old forum posts here.  Something that stood out for me was the 'Registration Fee'... that makes me nervous.  Is it a lot?  Have things changed a lot since this forum post was started?  Do I become trained online?
Thanks!  Yep, I started at the outside edge and worked my way in.
Used my new tip 403 today and here's what I came up with.  I opened up the tip a bit too as others have suggested and I used a pretty stiff buttercream - the same consistency you'd use for a rose.  Thanks for everyone's advice!    
Thank you SO much for all the info!  That was exactly what I was looking for! 
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