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Thanks for the tips...I know this may be a stupid question but what are the sheen colors?
I just got an airbrush and am not sure how to begin. I also got the Americolor for airbrush....Do I have to mix them with anything? How do I clean the airbrush? Do I need water or some special solution? Any tips would be helpfull...
it only has to feed 20 or so. I guess which ever pose is the easiet as I havn't done one before and I only have a short time to do it.
Any tips on making a 3d dog cake, like pan shapes etc?
I wish I was confident enough to never worry.
Do you ever panic that your cake is going to fall apart or break in some unfixable was before the client picks it up?
gum paste/fondant
Can anyone tell me how I would make a hibiscus flower?
Thanks for the info, very interesting. I'm guessing you can change fonts and sizes etc.
ok, dumb question, what is a cricuter?
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