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I have to make a wedding cake for a friend of a friend (freebie, I was caught at a weak moment). I was thinking of 3 tiers; a 10in, 8in and 6in and now I've been informed that the wedding will be approximately 50 people. Is that enough cake and are the tier proportions correct? It's been a long time since I've baked a cake much less a wedding cake. Thanks for your adivce.
Good job!!! You're well on your way. You'll be doing scroll work in your sleep now. Keep up the good work.
Try putting everything in the refrigerator. My hands are so hot that I have two of everything going--one I'm working with and one in the fridge so I can keep swapping them out. I literally melt the icing in the piping bag with my hands. Hope this helps ya.
This might be a little off subject; however, did anyone see what Duff used for the silver bar inside the glass gumball cake? How did he make it stand up? I would have thought to use a dowel, but then would worry that some child would try and eat it. I love watching his show but would love for the show to be an hour so they could spend some time showing us newbies some the cake's construction and carving.
How 'bout eating 'em? They are just the right size for a couple to have dessert after dinner. Just my opinion.
I'm not at my home right now or I would give you the recipe, but the very best carrot cake that I've made is Colette Peters' recipe. I get rave reviews and is the most requested cake that I make. It freezes well and carves great.
I'll admit that this is just awesome; however, how many layers of fondant did she use? How could you possible serve that cake? Most people I know and bake for just dont like fondant. Surely that cake is just for show. Such talent! And here I am worrying about how to carve a race car. LOL
I thank you all so much for your compliments and comments. Really, I wasn't looking for the compliments. It's just that I get completely frustrated with my cakes. What I envision does not seem to translate into reality. It looks perfect in my head, just not on the cake. I have just completed my order for cake dummies to practice on. I'll let you see the results of my "creations". Thank you again. I'll keep practicing.
I understand that I'm a newbie when it comes to cake decorating; however, why do all my cakes look homemade? I don't get much chance to practice (hubby works out of town) so I can't have too much cake sitting around. I have to work with BC because everyone I give my cakes to hates fondant. So again, I ask, why do my cakes look homemade and all the beautiful cakes here on cakecentral look so professional. What am I doing wrong?
The best tip I've gotten from CC is that all you need do is ask your question.I've learned that there are some talented people out there who are wonderful human beings. They give of their time, expertise and compassion to those of us just starting out. I am in awe of all of you. I spend hours each day just trying to keep up with your comments, tips and photos. Thanks so much!
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