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Bump. No replies yet? I would love to know too.
Thanks! I love making castles!
Oh, sorry. They want me to teach cake decorating classes at the College of Craft. Its part of our local community college system. They asked if I wanted to get paid per student or per hour. Also if the students should bring their supplies or if the college should supply them and charge more for the class. I have never even thought about so I didn't know what to tell them. lol. Thanks for the reply.
Hello everyone!Hope its ok to post this in this forum. I have been asked to teach a class once or twice a week at the local college. Anyone have any tips for me? Should the college provide the supplies and charge more for the class or should everyone bring their own. How much does one charge? By the student or hour? I'm lost. lol. Thanks for your time and help. Melanie-Love CC-
My favorite extracts to add are almond and strawberry. Just keep in mind the strawberry will make it pink. I use it on my pinks, reds and black MMF. I have used all kinds of extracts and they all good but those two are my favs. I have also only mixed them in when making it. HTH
Our tree really doesn't have a theme. Every year we make a new ornament to add to the collection. I have done this from the time I could with my family. Now that I have a family of my own we do the same. Everyone else in the family has joined us and we have a ornament exchange at Christmas dinner. I love each and everyone of the family made ornaments. I'm making cake ornaments this year! I love reading everyones post!
All of my topsy turvy cakes are buttercream. I haven't had a problem out of them. Once I didin't cut my straws for support long enough and it cracked but that was my fault. I'm not very good at fondant yet so most of my cakes are buttercream. I used the tutorial on here only with buttercream. Hope that helps.
ROFLOL! Thats good!!!
Thanks for the post and tips everyone!! Can't wait to try this one!
My grandmother's gingerbread. She would never be called granny or grandma but had us call her Momo. She was never getting old. lol She only made her gingerbread from Halloween on. Never before then and never after Christmas. As the leaves start turning I can smell gingerbread in the air. lol. I can eat a whole batch alone. lol. Thought we lost the recipe but found it in a really really old church cook book. Now I get to make it every year. Thanks for letting me share and...
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