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The plastic toys are about 4 to a fish net. Some are about the size of your hand. You're suppose to put wet sand in them to make molds of star fish, crabs, etc. I wouldn't use them for molds, just press them down on rolled out dough to create the shape.
I was in Dollar Tree today, and saw nets full of sand toys to use at the beach. They are molds of fish, Palm trees, crabs, star fish, and so many more. They would make a big cookie, but you'd certainly have a lot to choose from for just a dollar. Also, I was in ACE Hardware, and walking down the galvanized tubing aisle (I don't know what else to call it) I saw an excellent wavy biscuit (cookie) cutter type thing. Again it's a little bigger than normal, but would work...
I thought of this idea, and can't seem to find it anywhere here. How about using Thread Stands for cookie cutters. It won't work if you have gobs of cutters. You need more space. Or, you could use the racks for drying  your cutters after washing. Here's a couple of examples.                                                                                                                              You can find this one at...
Irlene, I think you've got the right idea. I need an icing that's not too sweet, but at the same time dries enough to not be sticky. I'll have to look up Richard Snyder. I'm not hep to his books. Should be no problem since besides baking I live at the library. Love the LorAnn oils too. Thanks you two. I'm just plodding along with you geniuses. What would I do without you?
Do those adorable Royal Icing cookies taste even good? I've wondered for years what I'm doing wrong. When I try to duplicate a cute cookie idea my cookies always turn out way too sweet. That doesn't even include how hard they are to eat. What's the solution?
I particularly like the video that showed me how to adjust the beater attachment so it was not too high above the bowl, or too low. Very handy to know, and all it was, was adjusting a screw.     Miss Cathcart
I'm glad I found the right one for you.   Miss Cathcart
Or how about this one.
This might be it.  If not I can search more.   Miss Cathcart
This morning I finally fixed the speed control switch on my 5 year old KA. Scary!!!!!!!!!! but I was desperate, and didn't have an extra $100 to have it done professionally. YouTube was my savior as usual. This guy is the best teacher, and very slow and concise. The cool part is that I could go at my own speed. He'd tell  me what to do, I'd pause the video, and do it. After a half an hour my speed switch was fixed by ME. ...
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