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I live in Denver, Colorado but was born and raised in Vermont.
The cake mix doctor has several recipes with sour cream in them. I've tried several and they are quite tastey!
Wow, that's fantastic!! Nice job.
I was just sitting here thinking that I've gained about 5lbs from eating frosting when I came across this post! I LOVE frosting. I, too, can just eat it with a spoon. I can't keep any made up or it'll be gone before I make the next cake. Yum yum!!!
That is absolutely fantastic! Very creative. I'm sure your daughter loved it. Thanks for sharing!
Good for you!! I hope they come back with a more fair offer. I work in HR and have to tell you that it never hurts to ask for more as long as you have good rationale and are pleasant about it. Most often people get more if they ask and the worst they can do is say no.Good luck!!
I found most of the flowers in course 2 to be pretty easy except that darn victorian rose. I just can't make buttercream roses. I started course 3 last week and we made the fondant rose last night. Now that rose, I can make!! I have to say that the mum in course 2 is a flower I will probably never make again. Too much effort for very small effect I think. Hope you enjoyed the first class!
You do use buttercream the first night and throw away those flowers. You start using the royal icing next week and save those for the last class. I just finished course 2. It was a great class!! Have fun.
I just got the CMD last week and have made the white and yellow sour cream cakes which are really nice and moist. I also tried the caramel frosting and penuche - both were excellent!! I made a mistake with the penuche and left it in a warm place after filling my cake. It melted into the bottom two layers but my husband said it was the best cake he's ever eaten! Talk about a moist cake! Now I have to figure out how to get that effect without leaving the cake in the...
I use the Crisco no trans fat shortening for my frosting and have seen no difference from the regular Crisco. It is more expensive but makes me feel like the frosting is a little less bad for me so I can eat more!
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