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This is a great idea! I got this book a month or so ago and LOVE it! I haven't done a ton of the recipes yet but the ones I have done I really like. My absolute favorite so far is the Chocolate Marble Gooey Butter Cake. It is incredible! Very creamy and smooth in texture and so easy to make.Has anyone made the melted ice cream cake (I'm not sure if that's the official title)? That one sounds great!Keep the reviews coming so I can decide what to make next!Nanni, the...
I'm not an expert on this but I when I use the half butter, half crisco recipe and leave it in my house in warm weather (we don't have A/C) the frosting doesn't hold up. I've even had problems just leaving a cake on the counter overnight when the tempurature is in the high 70's. Have you thought about using butter flavored crisco in place of the butter? I agree that the 1/2 butter recipe is delicious but I'm not sure it would be worth having to worry about it all day. ...
That's great, Jackie! Thanks so much for all of your work on this site. It is a great site and I know it must require quite a bit of your time. I appreciate it!
Can anyone share the trick to having these come out looking good? I tried to make them and just made a big mess dipping them in the chocolate. I had melted chocolate everywhere. I tried breaking out the middle tines on a plastic fork but it didn't seem to help. There must be some secret to it that I'm missing!
First, you cake is wonderful! Very fun, and the colors are perfect.My mother used to always tell me that people like that are just jealous and must have miserable lives to be so nasty. I don't know if it's true or not but it always made me feel better. I wouldn't even give it another thought. The cake was for the IT folks and if they liked it, that's all that matters!
It came out great!
The 2006 yearbook that just came out has a picture of animal cupcakes on the front, you might see if you can find it. I saw it on under "new items".
What about a lady bug cake? I've seen a picture of one before - not sure if it was on this site. It looked pretty easy. It had a rounded cake for the body, was frosted red with black dots and black details for the head/face. I think they used licorice for the legs. It was pretty cute.
Here is the link. It's on the right-hand side of the page under "new items".
I was on the sugarcraft website today and they have the 2006 yearbook for sale. There's also a picture of it for those of you wanting to see it.
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